Garfield Jubilee Association, Inc. was awarded $1,077,345 for its YouthBuild Program. The US Department of Labor awarded $80.3M in grants to provide at risk youth in 35 states a second chance at Education and Career training. The grant will enable Garfield Jubilee YouthBuild program to service 70 at-risk youth to complete high school or state equivalency degree programs; earn industry-recognized certifications within in-demand occupations; and gain construction skills training to build housing for low-income or homeless individuals and families in their communities.


Program Information


Garfield Jubilee YouthBuild Program is one of the most successful programs in Western Pennsylvania for young people ages 16 to 24 years of age.

High School Diploma

  • Students can earn an 18 credit accredited high school diploma through our Smart Horizons Career OnLine High School Program (SHCOHS).
  • Students can transfer up to 10 credits from other accredited institutions.
  • Students have 18 months to complete the program; however, can complete the program earlier based on number of courses needed. If students complete one credit per month they can obtain a high school diploma within 8 months.
  • Students will receive 15 hours per week of online instruction at Garfield Jubilee.  However, if students have access to a computer at home or at the library they can continue online course work after school or weekends.  This will allow the students to complete the course worker earlier.

Student Support

Students will have online and onsite Educational Coaches to provide assistance, support and encouragement.  The online Educational Coach is a Certified Instructor which will provide 24/7 technical support.  The Educational Coaches at Garfield Jubilee are Certified Instructors and mentors.


Occupational Skilled Training

Students, who are working or have their high school diploma, can choose to enter into one of the three careers: construction, health care or retail/customer service.

Garfield YouthBuild Program pays your college tuition.
Students can also be dual enrolled in CCAC skilled occupational certificate classes:

  • Building and Construction – welding, plumbing, and facilities maintenance technology
  • Health Care – Medical Terminology and Certified Nursing

Community Service Learning
Students are involved in the community service learning activities to build leadership skills and to help revitalize neighborhoods.

Students also receive wages/incentives for work experience and classroom activities.

Supportive Services

  • Intensive Case Management
  • Transportation
  • Housing Assistance
  • Child Care and Health Care Referrals
  • Other Needed Supportive Services  

Job Placement
Students receive job readiness training to hone skills in resume development, interviews and job search skills that will lead to job placement during enrollment and 12 months after enrollment. Job Developer will also help you connect with housing, transportation, and child care resources.

Success Stories

Breanna Goins was the first graduate to obtain her high school diploma.  She was able to obtain her diploma within 4 months.  Afterward she immediately enrolled in the Community College of Allegheny County to pursue her nursing career. "I finished the COHS program in order to go to college. I am now completing my Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) credential; I then plan to gain employment as a CNA in order to finance further education."

Bajia Pritchard, when asked why she enrolled in the program, agreed that it was the first step to getting a job and earning additional credentials. "I gained the knowledge needed for other certificates I plan to gain. My high school diploma will help me earn an income and help me earn another certificate."  Baja completed obtained her high school diploma within 6 months.

Ira Wilcox came in the program with a high school diploma but enrolled in construction training which he received a construction certification, called NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research).  NCCER is industry recognized by DOL.  After Ira completed the program he obtained employment on the Garfield Commons site under the Section 3 Employment Opportunities.  Ira is now with the Painters Union and has worked on several construction sites.



Enrollment Requirements:

  • Must be 16 to 24 years of age
  • Meet the low-income requirements
  • Reside in City of Pittsburgh or Allegheny County

Contact Information:
Telephone:  412-665-5200 or 412-665-5206
Fax:  412-665-5205