Home Repair Donation Program

Garfield Jubilee Association, Inc. provides families with products to fix up their homes such as windows, doors, bathroom and kitchen products, etc. All products are free. The donation program is designed primarily for homeowners, non-profit organizations and churches. Proof of ownership of property where donated products are installed or used is requested. Tenants may receive donation of products that can be used without permanent installation in a property, for example, lamps, fans, area carpets, etc. All products are donated as is. The Garfield Jubilee Association does not warranty or guarantee the products in any way. Transportation and installation of the products are the responsibility of the recipients of the products.

We ask that people interested in products:

  • Complete an application
  • Provide accurate measurements for materials, etc.
  • Schedule an appointment to select and pick up products.

No products will be given to general contractors or businesses. GJA will not deliver products or materials.

The Home Depot product donations cannot be sold, traded, bartered or auctioned. Donations cannot be used for fund raisers, raffles or auctions; given to volunteers or staff members; or sold in retail stores, on Websites or in flea markets, and must not be distributed overseas.

Contact Person:

Garland W. Walker at 412-665-5200.
Please email or send application to Garfield Jubilee Association, Inc., 5325 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15224.