Connie Taylor
Job Developer Specialist

Connie Taylor joined the Garfield Jubilee Association Inc. Program in April 2016.  Born in Gadsden, AL and raised in Pittsburgh, PA., she attended Westinghouse High School Class of 1973. Connie completed her Masters of Science Degree from Point Park University.   Connie has also worked as a Family Services Specialist and Parent Involvement Worker for 30 years with the Pittsburgh Public Schools System. She has worked as a Group Leader for the Mt. Ararat Baptist Church Summer Camp and the Schenley Heights Summer and Aftercare School Program, in collaboration with the Pittsburgh Public Schools Early Childhood Program housed at the Kingsley Association.  Connie is a member of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church and is the proud mother of Montaire B. Taylor and Taliera C. Gibson.

As the Education Success Project Leader at Garfield Jubilee Association Inc. Program, Connie is responsible for identifying the needs of the program utilizing best practices to recruit volunteers, has   created goals and objectives to monitor and measure progress with volunteers, track monthly volunteer hours, help to create the Garfield Jubilee Association Volunteer Handbook which includes the application form, and procedure for becoming a GJA volunteer.  The resource provides potential volunteers with the understanding of the requirements for them to perform their services.  In addition, Connie is in the process of creating a monthly program newsletter and survey to identify professional development needs of the staff.