Thank you for your Patience during the Pandemic Crisis

We want to thank our students, parents, and the community during this time of the pandemic crisis. It has been a challenging time for all of us. During the pandemic crisis we wanted to make sure we kept our students engaged as well as staff and students safe.
To keep our students engaged and safe, we provided virtual classes in GED/high school preparation, training in work/job readiness, and construction. Our CNA classes were on hold based on the government mandate. We also contacted our students daily which we called “daily briefings” utilizing Zoom to keep them informed of the virtual academic and occupational classes and to discuss challenges and success. We provided daily case management and needed supportive services such as clothing and food services, health referrals, housing assistance, etc. We contacted the students “daily” case management calls and social distance home visits based on need. This enabled us to provide clothing and food assistance, health care referrals, housing assistance, and continue one-on-one counseling. Our Job Developer contacted our students daily to provide them with job lists and inform them of virtual job fairs.

GJA wanted to make sure that no one in the Garfield and adjacent communities go without out food. To keep our community engaged through food distribution, we provided fresh vegetables and fruit, meat, dairy, etc. to at least 250 community residents and students weekly. Food was delivered to residents who were vulnerable and residents picked up food at Garfield Jubilee. We plan to continue this service after the pandemic crisis is over. We want to thank our board members, volunteers, staff and students who helped with the food distribution. A special thanks to 412 Rescue, Giant Eagle, Shop & Save and others for the donated food!

To ensure that our students and staff were safe, virtual classes were conducted for all students and the staff worked remotely from home. Currently all classes are virtually and students will return back to school for in person classes in January 2021. During the month of August 2020, we began staggered shifts for staff to return back to work. We developed a Health and Safety Plan and continue to make sure the building is cleaned daily, masks are worn, social distance is adhered to, and temperature are taken when staff or anyone enters the building.
We want to thank everyone for their patience during this time as everyone is going through this pandemic crisis. We are all in this together!

Marcia Crews