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About Us

Garfield Jubilee Association, Inc. (GJA),

Is dedicated to the development of the community of Garfield, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Through comprehensive housing and community support programs, the friends and neighbors of GJA are becoming part of a network of people who are concerned with each other and who are working to assure community and neighborhood stability throughout the area.

Our Mission

GJA is a Christian-based, non-profit, community development organization formed to develop programs and activities, which benefit and stabilize the welfare of low-to-moderate income families and the community in general.


GJA is committed to providing good affordable housing, economic development, local leadership development, and supportive services in a way that sustains the dignity of the individual and manifests the love of God.

Our Goals

  • To reverse negative housing trends in Garfield.
  • To increase the supply of decent housing for low-to-moderate income families
  • To promote home ownership and self-determination.
  • To coordinate and support the services necessary for a healthier Garfield community.
  • To explore the feasibility of participating in economic development activities that support housing development and strengthen the community.



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